What is LearnNet course ?

Ans . LearnNet is basically a data science course where we will cover machine learning, deep learning , neural network , basic mathematics ,  basic statistics , others relevant with our data science courses.

How do I take a LearnNet course?

Ans. You can take LearnNet course by online and off-line . For online , at first , you will create an account and log in to our official site , then you will choose any version of our course as per your choice. Otherwise you can take manually.

What is the time duration of LearnNet course?

Ans. Generally, this is a course of six months. In worst case scenario it can be eight months.

Is LearnNet course payable? if payable , what is the fees of entire course material ?

Ans. Yes , LearnNet course is payable . All details regarding fees are available in our site.

If I start the LearnNet course from first, then for next phase can I get some discount ?

Ans. May be or may not be . This is as per our authority’s choice.

Can I do the particular phase of entire course ?

Ans. Yes , you can do it.

Is there any real time project work ?

Ans. Yes . After every version of our course , there will be one month’s real time project work.

Is there any demo class before starting the course ?

Ans. Yes , there will be a demo class before every version of our course.